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See yourself in the fight for freedom! Rededicate your citizenship and declare your independence!

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Bonnie Busco: Cries of Freedom Director, (801) 375-1477

Leann Swain: Cries of Freedom Music Director, (801) 400-5265

Scott Swain: Event Producer, (801) 836-3781

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Take a journey back through time and see history come alive on stage. This show chronicles the history of freedom from Joan of Arc to our day. Cries of Freedom is a captivating musical event for the whole family!  

Featuring well known broadway music, as well as original works by local artists.

Whether you are participating as a member of the cast or audience, the compelling stories of heroes past told through beautiful music will fill you with gratitude for the liberties you enjoy and inspire you to join the fight to maintain them.  Make your celebration of Independence Day unforgettably meaningful with Cries of Freedom!

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Scott Swain

Before starting Roots of Freedom, I owned a mortgage company then sold it in 1997. The mortgage business failed to inspire me anymore, so I thought freedom would. It’s a great theme. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life and owned many businesses -- some profitable but most not -- from a shrimp and fishing business in Brazil to every crazy idea I could think up. However, I have come to the point of only doing things that inspire me, and so far Cries of Freedom still inspires me! I truly believe that people should only do what inspires them. Retire from the rat race and live!

I like to garden and take care of my chickens. I hope to do some serious traveling soon.

Leann Swain

I have loved music since I was a very young girl. I began playing the piano for my church when I was 11, and I have performed and taught music ever since. I also enjoy growing flowers and vegetables, reading, cooking, and being with my family.

I have been the music director for Cries of Freedom since 2014. I have been called “Drama Mama” as I provide safety pins and band-aids, sew on buttons, find lost props, serve food, and take care of all the cast members’ needs during rehearsals and backstage. I love working with the young people in the show every year. 

I married Scott in 1986, and we have seven children and five grandchildren. I feel it is important for me and my family to serve the community, to display a love of country, and to spread a message and a meaningful experience to others. We give credit to God for helping us through this undertaking every year. We give our best efforts, and God’s grace fills in the rest.

Bonnie Busco

It was at the end of my teaching career in 2005 that I was invited to work with my wonderful friend, Scott Swain, President of Roots of Freedom. It has been an honor for me to be part of his company, and we quickly discovered that we have the same passion for liberty, freedom and love of country. I deem it a miracle that Scott and I were brought together. I know we were led by our Heavenly Father to put on paper the story behind each “cry” from throughout the land and then transform these ideas into the story of “Cries of Freedom.” There is no doubt in my mind that this story came from heavenly sources.

I love America, and I am so grateful to be a part of this beautiful experience. Our goal is to not only give these wonderful young people an opportunity to develop their talents but to spread the good news of a renewal of love for freedom and love of country. If you listen closely you might hear the Founding Fathers calling from their graves for all America to roll up their sleeves and do everything possible to keep this sacred land of America strong and good!